Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kitchen Remodeling or Kitchen Renovation: What's Best for You?

Each year as the weather warms, homeowners begin to think about home improvement projects. For most of the country, summer is the season for remodeling. If you're feeling the remodeling bug, you might've already commenced your planning. If not, MKBD is here to help!

There are many advantages to a warm weather kitchen remodeling project.

First, if you have children, your summertime schedule is probably more adaptable--and you just might be able to schedule a vacation for the length of your project.

Second, if your kitchen is inaccessible, you can spend time outdoors. Dining well can be a challenge during a kitchen remodeling project. But outdoor accessibility certainly helps. With a grill and a table, in fact, you can enjoy delicious and relaxing dinners without your kitchen!

Third, increased daylight means increased working hours: your contractor just might be able to finish your project more quickly.

Of course, there are certain disadvantages to a summertime kitchen remodeling project, too.

Since the summer is a popular time for kitchen remodeling, you might have a hard time finding a contractor or the necessary supplies for remodeling.

The best advice, of course, is to book your project early, and if possible, to buy your supplies in the late-winter or spring--before the busy season begins.

For this summertime project, MKBD created a summertime feeling: a French farm house theme, including a double bowl granite sink and custom oak cabinetry. 

A kitchen remodeling project requires extensive planning and scheduling. Many summertime projects are planned and scheduled in the spring or late-winter. So if you've been bitten by the remodeling bug just now, think twice before leaping into a project.

A kitchen remodeling project is a serious investment--and you want to make sure you give yourself time to plan each and every detail. Right now might just be the best time to plan for a autumnal remodeling project. Autumn provides some of the same benefits as the summer, yet you might have easier access to remodeling companies and supplies.

Another option is a kitchen renovation, a term that is often used interchangeably with kitchen remodeling, but means something different.

Kitchen Remodeling vs. Kitchen Renovation: What's the Difference?

A kitchen remodeling project typically includes major structural changes. A well-executed project, for example, might include a new kitchen design as well as plans for new cabinets, counter tops, and floors.

Many kitchen remodeling projects call for increased space, too. Ambitious homeowners might sacrifice a part of a room next to a kitchen, or merge the kitchen with an adjacent room to create an open floor plan that highlights the best of both rooms. The key point is that a remodeling project implies major changes.

Unlike kitchen remodeling, a renovation does not require structural changes or a new kitchen design. However, a renovation can still include significant changes: new cabinets or cabinet features, for example, or a new paint job. And even without major changes, a renovation can transform the appearance of a kitchen. Modernizing your cabinets, for example, can make the kitchen appear cleaner. And brightening the color of your cabinets can even make your kitchen appear larger.

For this renovation project, MKBD included a prominent two tone color scheme which really brightened the feeling of the space.

To sum it up: If you're thinking about a full-scale kitchen remodeling project, make sure you allow yourself sufficient time to plan and purchase materials. This process should start at least several months before the anticipated start date.

However, if you're anxious to make changes, perhaps you might consider a kitchen renovation.


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