Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Right Kitchen Floor For Your Family

Many families today treat the kitchen as the "living room," a space to cook and eat--and commune. Unfortunately, the increased foot traffic, not to mention the spaghetti sauce splatters, can wreak havoc on your old kitchen floor.

With the possible exception of your bathroom floor, no floor in your house is exposed to more traffic, moisture, and spills than your kitchen floor. Indeed, the kitchen floor is a glutton for punishment. If your kitchen has an old floor with cracked tiles or warped floorboards, you'd do well to invest in a new floor.

Most kitchen remodeling projects include a new floor--installed after the cabinets and counters to preserve the floor from wear and tear. However, more and more budget-minded homeowners are choosing for a "floor-only" kitchen renovation.

In both cases, a new floor can certainly revivify an old, stodgy kitchen.

Before you begin planning for a new kitchen floor, though, you should know: not all flooring materials are created equal, and not all families have similar flooring needs.

So before you begin your next kitchen remodeling project, make sure you invest in the right floor material for your family.

In this, MKBD project in Dresher, PA, wood floors match the maple suede cabinets

Choosing the Right Kitchen Floor Material

Of course, different families have different preferences, but your choice of kitchen floor materials should be guided, first, by your needs.

As noted above, the kitchen is the new "living room," the new center of activity. So durable flooring is a must for most families, especially if you have kids or pets. The best kitchen flooring material for a family with children and pets should be easy-to-clean, water and stain-resistant, and slip-free, and the most popular kitchen floor material, laminate, just happens to offer all three.  

Laminate is water and stain-resistant and impervious to dents and scratches. And although laminate itself is quite slippery, the market abounds with non-slip laminate solutions. Laminate is the most practical kitchen floor choice.

But what if practicality is not your primary concern? If your first preference is beauty, your best option might be tile or hardwood.

Tile floors offer the most variety in color, texture, and design. Some kitchen renovations even include multiple tiles blended to create a seamless and attractive floor. Just know: tiles offer the most stylish presentation, but they might not be the most comfortable choice for serious cooks and/or children.

In this MKBD project in Holland PA, porcelain tiles create a striking ambience

Depending on the look of your cabinets, your new kitchen floors might blend with your existing colors and textures, or provide a bold counterpoint, as seen in the project above. Hardwood, on the other hand, often blends seamlessly with cabinets, creating an atmosphere of rustic elegance.

Hardwood is undoubtedly beautiful, and with proper care, it can offer the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and style. However, since wood can warp from water damage, homeowners with children or pets need to be diligent in wiping up spills.

Budget-Minded Options

If the cost of a new floor, well, floors you, then you might consider engineered wood or vinyl.

Engineered wood is a budget-minded alternative to solid hardwood, which can be quite pricey. Engineered wood is often impervious to scratches and stains, but it might scratch easily. 

Vinyl is the most inexpensive kitchen flooring option, and can easily be installed in one weekend by a kitchen remodeling company. Vinyl is also the go-to choice for many D.I.Y projects.

If you're considering a D.I.Y. project, you'll certainly need to prepare for a little sweat equity. Before you begin, though, just make sure you know the basics. Did you know, for example, that your old kitchen floor can be covered by as many as three layers of new flooring? Don't go ripping out those old floors if you don't have to!

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