Friday, June 6, 2014

The True Benefit of a Bathroom Remodeling Project

In the typical American home, no room receives more punishment and less appreciation than the bathroom. Most people see the bathroom as a place to do your duty--and then you leave!

But like your kitchen experience, your bathroom experience can have an appreciable effect on your happiness, sense of renewal, and efficiency.

Now, most homeowners do not cite these "lifestyle" reasons as the major inspiration for performing a bathroom remodeling project. Anecdotally speaking, in our experience at MKBD, most homeowners cite increased home value as the top reason for performing a bathroom remodeling project.
However, according to the nationally respected site, Remodeling, the most recent "Cost vs. Value" report for nationwide home improvements shows a 64.1% cost recoup for "mid-range" bathroom remodeling projects ($16,634), and an 57.2% cost recoup for "upscale" bathroom remodeling projects ($53,759).

How should you interpret these numbers?
Depending on the value of your home, you might pay 10-25% of your home’s value for a bathroom remodeling project. Considering the expense, the ROI (57.2% to 64.1%) might seem lackluster.  However, viewed another way, the true benefit of a bathroom remodeling project must take into account several factors.

Mixing old fixtures with modern tile-work and amenities like a Bose Sound System, MKBD created a spa-like atmosphere for this Cheltenham bathroom remodeling project.

Before we discuss the "true benefits" of a bathroom remodeling project, let's talk about the "real cost" of the project: the cost of the project minus the value recouped. (For a similar analysis of the "real cost" of a kitchen remodeling project, read: "The Top Three Lifestyle Benefits of a Kitchen Remodeling Project").

For a mid-range bathroom remodeling project, the average cost of $16,634 would translate to a real cost of $5989. ($16,634 cost - 10,645 value recouped = $5989).

For an upscale bathroom remodeling project, the average cost of $53,759 would translate to a real cost of $23,117 ($53,759 cost -  $30,642 value recouped = $23,117).

So, in essence, financially speaking, one way to look at the "value" of a bathroom remodeling project is to see the vale recouped as a discount that will pay over time.

Over time is the operative phrase here. A bathroom remodeling project can be financially beneficial, especially if you plan to enjoy your bathroom for many years before you sell your house. In this case, the investment is not merely financial: you're paying to increase your relaxation and decrease your stress--benefits that can, however, reveal incalculable financial benefits in the long run.

And yet, the true benefit of a bathroom remodeling project does not need to be seen in terms of numbers.

Relaxation is real; for many, in fact, relaxation is the true reward for earning money in the first place. So what better way to spend your money than creating a resort-like feeling in your very own home?

For this MKBD project in Yardley, we created a simple nook, away from the action, for pampering or simply sitting and gazing out the window.

More than most rooms, the bathroom is subject to decay--and many homeowners choose to overlook the grimy grout, leaking toilets, and loose tiles. Perhaps this is why so many homeowners speed through their morning routines.

Another shot of the MKBD project in Yardley. You probably wouldn't want to speed through your routine with this bathroom vanity!
Just imagine, if you can, a luxurious bathroom with clean grout lines, an efficient and beautiful ceramic toilet, and new modern tiles! With a little work, you bathroom can be enjoyable! And this is the true benefit of a bathroom remodeling project: making the bathroom the star of the home; the place you want to go; your own retreat from the hustle and bustle of life--your own private spa!

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