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A Game of Thrones: How to Choose the Best Toilet

Is your toilet behind the times? Well, then, you're not alone. At Master Kitchen and Bath Design (MKBD), we've seen plenty of bathrooms with outdated toilets. Indeed, most families suffer the ignominy of a faulty throne.

Now, you might snicker at the topic, but an outdated toilet is a serious pain in the...well, you get the point. An old, inefficient toilet can lead to countless hassles, from day-to-day discomfort to gallons of wasted water.

 In our experience, however, many families hesitate to buy a new toilet. Of all the possible home remodeling upgrades, in fact, the humble toilet seems to be the least popular. Most families believe money is better spent elsewhere: on a new stove, television, or laptop.

But you don't need to suffer needlessly: a new toilet is a quick and easy bathroom upgrade. And don;t worry about cost. High-end toilets can cost several thousand dollars, but you can purchase a reliable and stylish model for a few hundred dollars. 

Intrigued by possibilities? Read our essential tips below and you'll be on the road to a happy commode!

For this bathroom remodeling project in Philadelphia we installed a a Toto toilet with an elongated bowl and 12" Rough-In.
1. Measure the Rough-In

The caption above notes a crucial component of bathroom design: the rough-in! Before you begin looking for your new toilet, you will need to measure your own bathroom's rough-in: the distance between your wall and your toilet’s sewage pipe. Most bathroom designs include a 12-inch rough-in, (although certain layouts might include smaller or larger rough-ins). Suitably, most toilets on the market today are designed for 12-inch rough-ins. 

For this we reason, we suggest sticking to the standard. All full-scale bathroom remodeling projects should stick to a 12-inch rough-in (whenever possible, of course).

2. Choose Your Shape & Height

Your choice of toilet is generally limited to two shapes: round or elongated. Your choice might also be limited by your bathroom design.

Round toilets measure up to 28-inches from the bathroom wall, and are well-suited for smaller bathrooms with tighter spaces.

Elongated toilets measure up to 31-inches from the bathroom wall, and are well-suited for larger bathrooms with expansive space.

Because of the size, elongated toilets tend to cost more than round toilets, but many homeowners find that the extra space is an unexpected and worthy luxury.

In addition to shape, you should consider an appropriate toilet height. Most toilets measure 14- or 15-inches, but options for taller (or disabled) homeowners can measure up to 17-inches.

How do you experience a toilet before buying? Visit a bathroom showroom!

Check out the available toilet space for this new bathroom design in Southampton, PA!

3. One-Piece or Two-Piece: Choose Your Toilet Design

One-piece or two-piece? No, we're not talking bikinis here. We're talking toilets!

As the name implies, a two-piece toilet includes two separate pieces: the tank and toilet. In this common design, the tank is mounted to the wall.

A one-piece toilet combines the tank and bowl in one streamlined unit.

A two-piece toilet is economical choice well-suited for D.I.Y. projects and smaller bathroom renovations.

For professional bathroom remodeling projects, we often prefer the simple elegance of a one-piece toilet. A one-piece toilet is a sleek and handsome option that offers a true bathroom upgrade. And since the streamlined design limits nooks and crannies, a one-piece toilet is also easier to clean. 

4. It's Porcelain or Bust!

Because of its unique requirements, the toilet is best-suited to one material: porcelain. Durable and water-proof, porcelain has been the de-facto standard for centuries.

Although white is the standard color option, porcelain toilets are available in a diversity of colors and looks, from traditional to contemporary, so you can coordinate your toilet’s style to match your bathroom d├ęcor.

5. How about a FREE Bidet?

This summer, MKBD is happy to offer an essential toilet upgrade: a FREE TOTO Washlet with a full bathroom remodeling! Here's a description of the TOTO Washlet from TOTO's website:

"The pursuit of cleanliness can be better in every way, from a clean perspective to a green perspective. The Washlet uses water to cleanse and refresh and can significantly reduce the consumption of toilet paper. It makes perfect sense.

We bath and shower with water. We wash our faces and hands with water. Nothing cleanses like nature’s most soothing and essential element, which is why Washlets purify and clean in ways that you cannot experience with traditional bathroom rituals.

The Washlet offers a lot of amazing technology, cleverly disguised as a toilet seat that fits virtually any standard toilet. At your command, Washlet extends an integrated wand to release a warm, soothing stream of aerated water to provide the ultimate in personal cleansing.

But this is not a conventional bidet; the wand self-washes and retracts after each use. The S300e/S355e models feature eWater+, a function that mists the bowl with electrolyzed water before and after each use, making the bowl easier to maintain and reducing the need for chemicals during cleaning.

For more, read here.


To take advantage of this offer, call MKBD today: 215-355-4747. But hurry! This offer is only valid from June 14, 2014 to September 1, 2014!

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