Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why Choose MKBD for Your Next Kitchen Remodeling Project?

If you're planning a kitchen remodeling project, you've likely performed more than a few online searches. This is great. Unbridled browsing can inspire enthusiasm--and more than a few ideas. A site like Pinterest, for example, offers page after page of beautiful images, remodeling tips, and links to quality products.

Yet even for the most industrious browser, the sheer quantity of kitchen remodeling information can prove to be stultifying. Sooner or later, you have to move from inspiration to planning. This is when you want to employ a more tailored approach to your remodeling research.

MKBD has performed successful kitchen remodeling projects since 1983. During that time, we've come to value the knowledge of the famous idiom: too many cooks (spoils the broth). In kitchen remodeling, too many ideas can derail a project.

Once you've exhausted your capacity for inspiration, then, we suggest reaching out to a few reputable home remodeling companies.

To learn more about searching for a home remodeling company, please read: "How to Choose the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company."

If you've landed on this blog, however, we do hope you will consider MKBD, a kitchen remodeling company that services the Greater Philadelphia Area.

To learn more about our company, please read below!

MKBD specializes in kitchen remodeling projects with an emphasis on quality and unique materials and fixtures. We're proud of our results. In this custom kitchen project, everything is new, from the cabinets to the new luxury oven.


When searching for a remodeling company, never discount the value of experience. Longevity itself is often an endorsement. There is a reason businesses stay around. MKBD has been a fixture of the Philadelphia-area remodeling scene for over thirty years.  Family-owned and operated, the business recently transferred from father to son without the slightest hitch.

We owe our longevity to reputation. Word-of-mouth is important in the remodeling industry. Never trust a company who does not enthusiastically supply references. We happily provide references for all projects.

Our experience has also taught us a lot about trends and styles in kitchen remodeling. Rest assured, we can design your kitchen to meet any style, yet we also understand that each and every customer will bring different ideas to the design table. You want a traditional kitchen? No problem. You want a fireplace in the kitchen? Of course! Experience has taught us to work with all sensibilities.

For evidence of the breadth of our work, just take a look at our Kitchen Showroom.

In this MKBD project a fireplace is seamlessly integrated into an otherwise elegant kitchen. For more fantastic projects like this, please visit our Kitchen Showroom.

Attention to Detail

Of course, experience is often not enough. After many years, some businesses become stale or rote. Not MKBD. Our leadership today is just as inspired, industrious, and inventive as the leadership that built the company, in 1983.

Today, our new owner is often found on site, overseeing the intricate details of each project. Beyond the owner, however, each project receives a dedicated project manager from start to finish. It is attention to detail that has distinguished MKBD as a premier kitchen remodeling company.

Do you want a unique fixture or material? We source our supplies from the most reputable brands worldwide, and we're not averse to searching high and low for the right product.

Because we never use subcontractors, you can be sure that we truly take ownership for the success of each and every project. Most of our kitchen remodeling projects include hand-crafted details, from custom-built cabinets to inventive backsplashes.

Working with MKBD, you will feel confident. All of our work is licensed, insured, and warranted in PA, NJ, and DE.

In this MKBD project, the Shaker cabinets reveal the industrious nature of the Shakers themselves: hand-built from scratch, the cabinets are simple, durable, and timeless. 


From the planning stages of your project through demolition and construction, we strive to make sure that you feel comfortable. To facilitate your stress-free experience, we believe open and frequent communication is a must.

Our interior designers will listen a commitment to your ideas.

Our construction team will take care to make your remodeling experience quick and stress free.
All along, our owner is open and available to talk to you about any aspect of your project.

Call MKBD Today!

Many homeowners choose to call a remodeling company at the very beginning of the exploration process. We believe this is the best option--and not simply because we are a remodeling company! A remodeling company can guide you in your exploration, saving you time. A remodeling company can also help you set reasonable parameters for your project.

How long might the project take to complete?

What are the best materials for your lifestyle?

And how about the cost?

At MKBD, we offer a FREE In-Home Remodeling Estimate

If you have any questions about your next kitchen remodeling project, please feel free to call MKBD for an individualized consultation. Let's talk budget and more! Call now! 215-355-4747.

Better yet, check out our Free In-Home Remodeling Estimate on this very blog!

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