Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company

Mistakes happen. This is an inevitable truth of life and kitchen remodeling. Two keys to minimizing the cost of mistakes, in life and remodeling, is proper planning and a studious devotion to detail.

And yet, as the old saying goes, "the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray."

Unfortunately, this saying is true of many kitchen remodeling projects--both large and small. To borrow another popular phrase, "the devil is in the details," and this is precisely the reason many projects fail--both D.I.Y. projects and professional.

In theory, working with a professional kitchen remodeling company should help you preclude any major renovation mistakes. At MKBD, however, we've heard from too many upset clients--clients of other, so-called "professional" remodeling companies--to say this is true.

Our purpose in stating this is not to toot our own horn, but to warn homeowners about the danger of choosing a inexperienced or unproven company.

Of course, at MKBD we do like to toot our horn. We're proud of our experience: we've served our customers in the Greater Philadelphia area since 1982. And we're proud of our work: we routinely refer new customers to our previous customers for feedback. We want to make sure a potential client feels good about hiring our company.

However, we believe MKBD is successful exactly because we understand the value of proper planning and a studious devotion to detail. And if you're thinking about your own kitchen remodeling project, we urge you to practice this same formula in choosing a remodeling company. Neglecting this formula just might be the single biggest kitchen remodeling mistake.

With proper planning and attention to detail, you can choose a professional who truly values his or her work and your home. To help you avoid this mistake, we suggest the following steps to discovering the best remodeling company for your next project.

This Shaker-inspired kitchen is just one of many projects in MKBD's designer portfolio. Make sure you ask for a company's portfolio (#5 below). No portfolio? That's bad news.

1. Do Your Homework

To begin your search for the perfect remodeling company, talk to other homeowners who have recently performed kitchen remodeling projects. You might also browse the Internet for local reviews. You could also ask trade organizations or the Better Business Bureau. Look for companies with impeccable credentials and honest reviews.

2. Choose Your Suitors

To borrow yet another famous phrase, "Don't put your eggs in one basket!" You might LOVE one special company, but once you've done your homework,  we suggest choosing three or four potential "suitors." It's important to speak to different companies so you can get a feel for prices, how each company communicates, and any potential issues with each company. Even if you do end up choosing your first love, you'll be more convinced you made the right choice.

3. Interview Your Suitors

This might seem obvious, but the most important step in choosing a remodeling company is the interview. After your interviews you will likely have a much better sense of who you like--and who you don't like.

4. Ask for a Portfolio

Any kitchen remodeling company worth its salt, even new remodeling companies, should have a quality portfolio. What if they're so new that they don't have a portfolio? Well, this is a good reason to exclude a company. If they don't have a portfolio, you're better off working with another company. You don't want your kitchen to a companies first ever project.

Before & after pictures can be particularly helpful. In this Fort Washington, PA kitchen, MKBD removed the entire kitchen, down to the studs, and built the new kitchen from scratch.

5. Ask for References

If you've narrowed your choices to two or three companies, references can be a great way to get the inside scoop. Ask all companies for references, and when you speak to the referees ask pointed and sincere questions.

About MKBD:

A passionate commitment to customer service distinguishes MKBD from its competitors. Every member of our team is guided by one goal: to provide every customer with a pleasant and stress-free remodeling experience. We understand that your time is precious and your ideas unique. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve all of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling dreams.

What makes MKBD unique?

• Our Experience: Over 25 years in the remodeling and construction industry

• Our Talented Team: Interior designers with a commitment to your ideas and a construction team that takes care to make your remodeling experience quick and stress free

• Our Dedicated Service: We never use subcontractors on any project; each project receives a dedicated project manager from start to finish

• Our Guarantee: All work is licensed, insured, and warranted (PA, NJ and DE)

If you're interested in interviewing MKBD for your next remodeling project, please call: 215-355-4747. 

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