Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Walk-In Shower: Practical and Luxurious

For many homeowners, the appeal of a bathroom remodeling project is the opportunity to streamline the bathroom design. A streamlined design might include unobstructed floor space, mirrors and shelves built into the wall, or wall-hung fixtures, like the toilet or vanity. One frequent request we see at MKBD is a walk-in shower.

A walk-in shower  can replace both the traditional bath and shower units with a slim, attractive fixture that is, at once, more accessible and easy-to-clean. To many of our clients, this is the essence of streamlining. Indeed, the walk-in shower simplifies life, yet not at the expense of luxury. As the projects below reveal, a walk-in shower can be both efficient and luxurious.

A walk-in shower can save space

Walk-in Showers: Perfect for Tight Spaces

If designed correctly, a walk-in shower can save valuable space. This is why walk-in showers so often occupy a corner space. Unlike a bathtub, which is built without your specific measurements in mind, a remodeling company can build a walk-in from scratch, shifting dimensions to fit your square footage needs.

In the project above, the shower pan--the floor of the shower, designed with a slope to allow the water to run to the drain--was custom-built to exacting dimensions: 5 feet x 4 feet. To facilitate the streamlined design, we also custom-built the frameless glass enclosure. Even then, despite the space limitations, the shower is equipped with a bench for easy storage or sitting (perfect for shaving those legs, ladies!)

Whatever your space requirements, a walk-in can certainly be made to fit the bill. Just make sure you work with a bathroom remodeling company with walk-in experience.

A corner walk-in shower saves space without sacrificing luxury

Glass Enclosed Showers: Streamlined Design

Streamlined design is not merely about saving space. A streamlined design is about the visual feel of a room. A streamlined room, for example, removes barriers between fixtures--or, at least, appears to do so. Most walk-in showers come equipped with glass doors, which create the impression of a seamless environment.

A seamless walk-in shower design

In the project above, space was not an issue, but our clients nevertheless desired a simple, streamlined design. Note how the walk-in shower feels like part of the room. And, of course, the glass shower door provides easy access--just step in and out!

Luxurious Walk-in Shower Features

Walk-in showers are the height of utility, yet they're also the perfect venue for luxurious features like multiple showerheads (including hand-held) or body jets.

For many MKBD clients, the rain showerhead is the height of luxury

At MKBD, we're big fans of the rain shower head: a flat and wide showerhead that duplicates the feeling of a soft wain shower. Rain showers are perfect for those who want to feel immersed in a shower of water. For a more direct approach, however, a hand-held showerhead is the height of utility. Instead of choosing between the two, the client above chose both.

Body jets with temperature controls

We're also big fans of body jets, which we believe to be the next best thing to a professional masseuse--at a fraction of the price. In the project above, the walk-in shower comes equipped with four (usually the limit) jets with temperature controls. Just imagine yourself enveloped in soothing water from all sides.

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