Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bathroom Colors: Let Your Own Experience Guide You

Did you know color can influence mood? Green can be as invigorating as a nature walk. Blue is as calm as a placid lake. And red inspires the passion of a bullfighter.

Indeed, for most people, color inspires the most intimate of associations. Perhaps this is why bathroom color is so intimate. As the most private room in the house, the bathroom is the best place to add a unique splash of color.

It's surprising, then, that many homeowners opt for "non-colors," like white and black. Of course, we love the cool, clean feel of white and black; yet we also love how color can reveal a homeowner's personality.

Are you fiery? Or energetic? Colors can help you enhance (or balance) these qualities.

Your choice of color might be influenced by your fixtures and flooring, yet most bathroom designs can be easily adapted to a variety of palettes--and moods.

We love the colors here, especially the unique hunter green, an original take on the French Country theme, which complemented the homeowner's love of the French countryside.

Color and Mood: Explore Your Own Experience

The Internet offers a variety of resources on the link between color and mood. As we noted above, certain colors are known for illiciting certain moods. There's a reason, for example, that so many homeowners prefer blue for the bathroom.

Blue can be deeply relaxing--a notion most of us intuitively understand. 

Instead of relying on Internet resources, however, we suggest thinking about your own experience of color. Yes, we know that "blue is calming," but what does blue mean for you?

For many, obviously, the color blue evokes the tranquility of water. For some, blue might inspire the soaring feeling of the deep, blue sky.

The water association is a perfect (and obvious) match for the bathroom. For this purpose, the lighter shades of blue are the best choice. However, a darker blue can add some complexity. For some, dark blue can evoke feelings of authority and stability (dark blue is the color of the corporate environment; think of a dark blue or navy suit).

This bathroom was designed with different shades of blue, including a deep blue basin, to inspire feelings of tranquility and stability. 

When you choose your own color associations, your color choices become uniquely personal.

We recently wrote about grey, for example, a color that evokes authority, unity, and cooperation for many people. Yet a light griege (grey and beige) palette can also evoke the anticipation of a misty morning.

 A  walk-in shower with a rain showerhead complements this revitalizing grey palette.

The point is to let your own experience guide your choice of color.

Color Schemes

A monochromatic color scheme can be peaceful, yet most homeowners prefer varying shades and accents of color. Contrasting colors, especially, can infuse a space with a sense of vitality.
On the other hand, the use of two or three related colors—colors that rest next to each other on the color wheel—is a good way to offer a subtle contrast.

 Yellow, red, and orange are lively and warm. Blue, teal, and green are calm and cool. A warm color combined with a cool color creates an intriguing look. Any two colors will inevitably contain all three of the primary colors, so even a contrasting color scheme can be considered well-balanced.
In this MKBD project, the client desired the warm tones of brown and orange.

Again, however, your choice of color(s) should be guided by your experience. How do colors speak to you?

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