Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Aquamarine Bathroom

In last week's post, we explored bathroom colors--specifically, the link between popular bathroom colors and mood. One way to choose a bathroom color is to find a suitable match for your temperament; or a color that inspires the type of energy you wish to experience. A yellow bathroom wall, for example, can be lively--a perfect pick-me-up for a groggy morning.

By far, the most popular bathroom color is blue: the color most often associated with water--unless you're Homer, of course, describing the "wine-dark sea."

The Wine-dark sea? [Photo Source]

Despite its ubiquity, however, the color blue can be personalized. And of course, the palette is not limited to the time-tested bathroom staple: powder blue. Blue can be soft or dark; blue can surprise; blue can be astonishingly bright. As David Foster Wallace writes in his famous essay, "Shipping Out":

"I have learned that there are actually intensities of blue beyond very bright blue."

With the wonderful variety of blue in mind, we thought we'd share one of our recent favorite bathroom remodeling projects: an aquamarine bathroom!

Hard-to-Source Materials

At MKBD, we work hard to find the perfect materials for each product. We source much of our tile from Italy or Spain, but we're happy to source tiles elsewhere--if we can satisfy a customer's unique demands. This hallway bathroom project started as an inspiration: our client spotted a lovely aquamarine bathroom on a European vacation.

The client had no leads on the manufacturer of the bathroom's tiles, but they snapped a few shots of the elusive bathroom materials--and these shots helped us source a similar material: two different porcelain tiles from the popular tile company, Porcelenosa.

Two different tile materials, in aquamarine, add texture and visual intrigue to this bathroom.
Porcelanosa is a Spanish tile company specializing in bathroom fixtures. For the average customer sourcing tile, the name Porcelenosa is just one of many. For a professional remodeling company in the know, however, Porcelenosa presented itself as an obvious option for this remodeling project.

This is one of merely many benefits of using a professional: we know the best places to source the best materials for your unique needs.


In this project we installed a "drop-in" tub, which is simply a tub that is fitted in a framed enclosure. For this project, the drop-in was a perfect match for the tile enclosure. We worked so hard to find a perfect match for the client's European memories--why not use as much tile as possible?

We built the drop-in tub with a back shelf--all aquamarine tile, of course, for easy storage.

Toto Toilet

Since last summer, MKBD has offered a FREE TOTO Washlet with a full bathroom remodeling project! The TOTO Washlet, as described on TOTO's website is a masterpiece:

"The pursuit of cleanliness can be better in every way, from a clean perspective to a green perspective. The Washlet uses water to cleanse and refresh and can significantly reduce the consumption of toilet paper. It makes perfect sense. We bath and shower with water. We wash our faces and hands with water. Nothing cleanses like nature’s most soothing and essential element, which is why Washlets purify and clean in ways that you cannot experience with traditional bathroom rituals."

For more, read here.

We love Toto not simply for their bidets--we truly love the toilets themselves, some of the best in the industry!

A wall-mounted Toto toilet surrounded by a true bounty of aquamarine tiles.

Modern Vanity

The final element of this project was the wall-mounted vanity from Moderna. We love the simple, elegant look of the basic here--and, of course, the light blue vanity itself, a perfect match for the aquamarine tiles.

A lovely, modern vanity


Free In-Home Remodeling Estimate

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