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Three Inventive Kitchen Remodeling Themes

After a recessionary dip in home remodeling spending, the industry has recovered impressively. As the Boston Globe reported this summer:

"There was a time, not long ago, when home renovations slowed to a trickle, with homeowners wary about making anything but the most essential fixes. Now, they are not only willing to spend, but to spend big."

The uptick in spending has occasioned an unprecedented boom in remodeling choices. For the the kitchen and bathroom, especially, the choices can seem endless--and overwhelming. And yet, a well-planned and well-executed remodeling project is certainly worth the effort.

The Boston Globe, for example, tells the story of David Sinclair and Sandra Luikenhuis:

"The couple knew it was time to renovate two bathrooms in their Chestnut Hill house when water started leaking. But they used the opportunity to transform the dated bathrooms into sleek, modern spaces, finished with high-end materials like teak and quartz. The cost was significant: about $50,000 per bathroom.

'I never thought I’d like to hang out in a bathroom, but now I do,' said Sinclair."

If you're feeling enticed by Sinclair's quote, don't let the abundance of options stop you in your tracks. There are plenty of ways to simplify your experience. At MKBD, we often suggest that client's think, first, of kitchen styles or bathroom types. Some homeowners even prefer to think thematically.

A thematic approach to remodeling can help you easily define the exact look and feel of your project. If you feel hamstrung by the seemingly limited styles or types, you might want to think, instead, of your favorite city in the world, or perhaps your favorite movie. The idea of a thematically-based remodeling project may seem esoteric, but a good remodeling company should be able to translate almost any theme into the embodiment of your dreams.

So what is your dream remodeling project? Need some inspiration? Take a look at our few of MKBD's exclusive projects for some ideas.

This week we'll share three inventive kitchen themes. Check back next weekend for a few inspiring bathroom themes.

A Shaker-Inspired Kitchen

The Shakers are a religious sect of Quakers known for pacifism as well as a communal lifestyle that values celibacy and equality of the sexes. They're officially known as The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, yet they've been called the Shakers since their inception--"shaker" referring to the ecstatic nature of their religious services.

Still, the church is where the ecstasy begins and ends: simplicity defines the Shaker lifestyle as well as the sect's famous furniture and architecture.

For this MKBD project, our clients desired a simplicity that echoed the Shaker lifestyle. Implicit in this theme, too, was a desire for attention to detail. After all, as Wikipedia notes, the Shakers "designed their furniture with care, believing that making something well was in itself, 'an act of prayer'."

Blending the timeless simplicity of the Shakers with a modern sensibility, MKBD produced a space with natural materials, clean simple, lines, a warm brown palette, and careful details, like a custom-built pantry closet and a double granite sink.

A custom-built pantry worthy of the Shakers!

The granite double sink. 

A French Country Kitchen

The French Country theme is one of the most popular and enduring themes--and for good reason. Easily adaptable to a wide range of home styles, French Country emphasizes old world rusticity, a casual milieu, and a welcoming color palette.

In this MKBD project, the client desired a walnut floor with wide tiles reminiscent of the informal elegance of Southern France.

Interior brick walls are a distinctive feature of French Country-inspired remodeling projects. Here the hard wood cabinets have been painted white to complement the off-white brick wall. Note the huge butcher block cutting board, a simple, rustic touch that will certainly prove useful for prep work. 

The chandelier (located above the kitchen table) illustrates an important point about remodeling: you are not bound by any single style or theme. The French Country theme may call for informal elegance, but our clients also wished to add an element of formal elegance. Here, the chandelier provides a glitzy counterpoint to the rustic details of the kitchen.

Warmth & Beauty: A "One of a Kind" Kitchen

Remember, a theme need not be regulated to places or architectural styles. The advantage of thinking thematically is the that you can choose words, colors, or feelings that best suit your mood.

For this MKBD project, the client wanted a kitchen that conveyed "warmth & beauty," yet was also utterly original--"one of a kind," as our client said. The pictures below our a testament to how a homeowner's creativity, translated into reality by a talented home remodeling company, can yield truly impressive results.

MKBD's specialty is our ability to attentively listen to every client request--no matter how fantastic. We pride ourselves on delivering our client's precise desires. This project required an extraordinary amount of planning and construction skills to install a functioning gas fireplace

Warmth and beauty, indeed! Everyone who sees this kitchen struggles to believe that the fireplace is real. We can assure you–it is absolutely real. Anyone who stands within six feet of this fireplace senses the enveloping warmth of this feat of remodeling ingenuity.

Beyond the functioning fireplace, this homeowner desired an uninterrupted color palette--evidenced here by the pantry and refrigerator, which are both covered by decorative hardwood inlays.

A solid birch hardwood floor balances custom-made maple cabinets, a perfect harmony of warmth and beauty!


If you have any questions about your next kitchen remodeling project, please feel free to call MKBD for an individualized consultation. MKBD is currently offering a FREE Kitchen remodeling estimate, FREE design, and FREE custom layout to all new customers.

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