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Three Inspiring Bathroom Themes

The smell of burning leaves. The porches festooned with ghosts and cobwebs. The burgundy corduroy pants. It's October in Pennsylvania, and the world has turned to autumn! At MKBD, we can't help but feel excited by autumnal themes. After all, the warm colors of autumn offer an inspiring color template for a new remodeling project!

Sometimes this is what remodeling is all about: inspiration! The beautiful hardwood vanity on Pinterest. The color of those burgundy corduroys! You might've merely considered remodeling in the past, but it's the images and pictures that really inspire you to begin. 

So, taking cues from our local autumnal imagery, we're thinking thematically. No, we're not suggesting you remodel your house with a Halloween theme. We are suggesting that you look around you for inspiration. An attentiveness to day-to-day life can yield some great ideas. And a theme is a great way to clarify the look and feel of your project.

The idea of a thematically-based remodeling project may seem esoteric, but a good remodeling company should be able to translate almost any theme into the embodiment of your dreams.

Last week, we posted three inventive kitchen remodeling themes. Today, we're talking bathroom themes!

A Roman Bathroom

The Roman bath has outlasted the mighty Roman empire by two millennium, though today the bath itself still embodies the ethos of that ancient powerhouse. Then, as now, the Roman theme symbolizes power, durability, and opulence. Of course, the theme also implies classicism, a style that many homeowners enjoy for the bathroom.

For a Roman theme, think warm colors like ivory, gold, or olive, or neutral colors, like white and black. And, of course, think polished surfaces with natural materials like glass, or that Roman staple, marble. The project below is a testament to the beauty of these natural materials.

For this MKBD project, we imported marble tile from Italy. The tile, white with black veins, covers the bathroom from floor to ceiling, imbuing the space with a sense of grandeur. In this picture, you'll see that black and grey glass tile borders the shower at waist level, and that, despite the grandeur, the shower breathes the intimacy of warm candlelight. The rain showerhead, in metallic gold, adds a luxurious touch.

The Roman theme also implies open space, but for this project MKBD was limited by the architectural layout of the previous bathroom. Here, due to space limitations, a classic white pedestal sink is positioned next to a white elongated toilet--the best toilet for smaller spaces.

In the above picture, you might also note the black marble tiles covering the floor as well as the black mosaic tiles covering the bathroom floor. Both provide an elegant contrast to the white marble.


Another common feature of the Roman style is porticoes. You might not be accustomed to seeing porticoes in a bathroom, but for this MKBD project, we installed porticoes on either side of the new Toto tub. Augustus Caesar would be proud!

A French Countryside Bathroom

As we noted last week, the French Country theme is is one of the most popular and enduring themes. It's also easily adaptable to a range of home styles and to different rooms. Last week, for example, we presented a French Country kitchen that boasted the informal elegance of Southern France. In the French Country MKBD project below, the old world rusticity, casual milieu, and welcoming color palette transforms the bathroom into a holiday retreat.

For a French Country theme, try sourcing vintage pieces, like this vanity and mirror, painted white, which both lend this bathroom a timeless yet rustic feel straight out of Provence. The vanity's marble top highlights a simple, yet elegant, wash basin.

We love the colors here, especially the unique shade of hunter green, a perfectly original take on the French Country theme. And note the checkered glass tiles, which run around the entire bathroom, adding textual variation to the space.

A clawfoot tub is a classic French Country style--and really, any style, especially vintage style. As we wrote before: "Today, the porcelain tub is an excellent retro addition to any bathroom remodeling project--old or new. And, of course, the classical design of the porcelain tub is a definite must for a vintage theme."

Spa Theme

The spa theme can encompass many different styles and tastes, yet most spa-themed bathrooms share a consistent theme: luxury. A spa-theme bathroom is the type of bathroom that you want to retire to after a long day at the office. In this way, a spa-themed remodeling project can be as practical as a standard bathroom remodeling project. Adding a touch of extravagance to your day-to-day life can reduce your stress and increase happiness. And, of course, a beautifully-appointed bathroom can increase your home’s value.

Think free-standing whirpools, double vanities, radiant heat flooring, giant soaking baths, and exciting amenities, like entertainment systems.
In this MKBD Project, a bronze rain showerhead offsets luxurious porcelain tiles. If you've never tried a rain showerhead, you're in for a treat: just imagine standing in the most comfortable rain shower ever! 
A dual vanity, like this MKBD-built vanity in Yardley, PA, offers space and comfort for two: a perfect addition to any luxury bathroom upgrade. 
A luxurious bathtub is a great addition to a spa-themed bathroom. In this MKBD project, earthy granite complements the white tub.

If you have any questions about your next bathroom remodeling project, please feel free to call MKBD for an individualized consultation. MKBD is currently offering a FREE bathroom remodeling estimate, FREE design, and FREE custom layout to all new customers.

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