Thursday, March 20, 2014

Less is More: A Beautiful Kitchen is a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Spring is here and we're thinking about change! Now is the perfect time to consider a kitchen remodeling project--especially if you're lucky enough to receive a tax refund. But is a kitchen remodeling project right for you?

Most people believe that a kitchen renovation, or really any home remodeling project, will inspire happiness as well as increased home value. Of course, we tend to agree. Yet, we encourage our clients to think deeply about exactly why they wish to perform a project. 

Often, when investigating our client's impulses, we discover a thirst for change that might not be adequately quenched by a mere home remodeling project. Your kitchen remodeling project, might very well change your life, but we believe the true value is more simply stated: a new kitchen will make your life easier.

And with the ease afforded by a new kitchen, who knows, you might just have the time to learn a new hobby, or commence an exercise regime, or write that novel.

So how exactly can a kitchen renovation can make your life easier? Well, look at your kitchen now. What do you see? Is it clean and organized? Many homeowners contact Master Kitchen & Bath Design (MKBD) for this simple reason: clutter.

Over years of home ownership, most kitchens tend to accumulate more and more stuff. Of course, more stuff means less space, and the problem is magnified by a poorly-designed kitchen. Believe it or not, a great deal of today's kitchens were not designed to accommodate the appliances and fixtures so elemental to modern life. This is why we call a kitchen outdated: it no longer suits the lives of people living now.

The problem, quite simply, is clutter.

So what's the solution? Do you need to renovate your entire kitchen? Well, again, take a look at your kitchen. Does each element of your kitchen serve an actual purpose?

Of course, in the past, designers have included extra space, like additional counter tops or cabinets, to make kitchen designs that can easily house additional supplies and appliances. Yet we've learned from experience that additional space is not really the solution.

It is not necessary for every square inch of your kitchen to offer a space for supplies and appliances. In fact, a fundamental truth of professional kitchen often applies to home kitchens: the less available counter and cabinet space the better!

An MKBD original project: Note how this Montgomery County family opted for an expansive feeling with more floor space

Let us repeat: the less available counter and cabinet space the better!

Yes, you read that right. Of course, space is great, but only when you're using that space efficiently. In our experience, most homeowners use extra space to store needless extra supplies and appliances. How about that juicer you haven't used in six years? Or that fancy pasta-maker? Extra space sometimes creates an anxiety to buy more appliances. More space can lead to more clutter!

This guy makes fresh pasta each week. If you're not like this guy, why do you have a pasta maker?
Now, smart homeowners might use extra space to their advantage by adding a decorative vase with bright flowers or by simply leaving the space clear and clutter-free. Unused kitchen space can create a bright, expansive feeling (like the kitchen pictured above).

But most people are just convinced that they need more storage space. Again, the problem often isn't the amount of space. No! The true problem is the inefficient configuration of the existing space. And this is why so many people need a kitchen renovation: the old kitchen is configured poorly for the modern lifestyle; it's cluttered, making each and every kitchen task an inefficient nightmare.

In an inefficient kitchen, cooking is harder, cleaning is harder--life itself is harder.

We've met many sorrowful homeowners who've learned to deal with this situation by avoiding the kitchen at all costs! A sad state, indeed. The kitchen should be the hub of your house activity. In most homes, the kitchen is the most communal of all rooms. So if you're avoiding your kitchen, it might just be time for a renovation.

Just remember: a beautiful kitchen is a clutter-free kitchen! And it's all about efficiency.

Part of the beauty of this Montgomery County kitchen is the efficiency: there's plenty of well-designed storage space, and no clutter!

Today's designers and manufacturers offer fitted and accessorized cabinet and drawer interiors that maximize even the smallest nooks and crannies. Truly efficient cabinets and drawers expand kitchen space, increasing accessibility and convenience. But to get a better idea of how you might use your kitchen space, you should consult a professional.

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