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How to Prepare for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

At Master Kitchen & Bath Design, we've met many ambitious homeowners with grand kitchen remodeling plans. New solid-wood cabinets! A kitchen island! New appliances! Some people want--and need--everything: lighting, a backsplash, wall receptacles, floors, even windows.

Now, we understand that remodeling projects inspire the imagination, but with a big project, like a kitchen renovation, it's important to create a reasonable plan that clarifies exactly what you need. In terms of what you need, too, it's important to think about your life beyond the project itself.

Your remodeling plan, for example, should not only include your new kitchen design. The best remodeling plan will also include an outline for how you and your family will cope without a kitchen.

Indeed, there’s just no way around it: a kitchen remodeling project can be a major inconvenience. Beyond the sawdust and noise, you might have to live without a kitchen for some time.

Remember, most kitchen remodeling projects require significant investments of time--from one week to one month. But remember, this, too: the stress temporary! And when the remodeling project is over, you'll certainly appreciate your brand new kitchen.

In the meantime, following the few simple steps below should prepare you and your family for a stress-free, and maybe even pleasant, remodeling experience.

An MKBD Project from Jamison, PA, Bucks County: Just remember, your dream kitchen is waiting for you at the end of your kitchen remodeling project.

Prepare the Family
Before preparing your kitchen for the project, prepare yourself and your family. Working with your kitchen remodeling company, compile a list of important details: the worker's hours, the expected inconveniences, and the anticipated completion date (remember, this date might change once the project begins; prepare yourself for that, too).

In terms of worker's hours, your project supervisor should state clearly state when the kitchen is off-limits. It's best if your family is away from the home during project hours.

Inconveniences happen--both expected and unexpected. In any case, we've found the family feels much better about the project when each family member meets each member of the project crew. If possible, facilitate these meetings before the project begins.

More importantly, remember, for certain periods of time you might not be able to use your kitchen at all! So set aside money in your budget for restaurant meals and take-out food. Certain family members might enjoy this change. Present these meals as mini-vacations!

Speaking of vacations, brief trips away from home, and your remodeling project, can be helpful. Take a weekend vacation. Whatever you do, just make sure to give your workers the necessary space to finish your project.

Finally, don't fret too much, day-to-day, about that completion date. Day-to-day, the changes to your kitchen might not always be apparent. On some days, you might see dramatic changes, like a new row of cabinets. On other days, however, it might appear that no work has been performed at all. This is perfectly normal. If you trust the process, you will feel much better about the project itself.

Your dream kitchen is worth the wait: check out the new range and natural stone backsplash!

Prepare the Kitchen

Tackle each task below in increments, say one task per day, and be sure to begin at least two weeks before your scheduled project start date. 

1. Clear the clutter

If possible, perform this task as a family. Go through your entire kitchen, drawer by drawer, cabinet by cabinet, and locate and discard/donate any superfluous items that you no longer need.

Also try to discard/donate any items that do not fit the theme of your new kitchen design. The great joy of a remodeling project is the attendant feeling of rejuvenation. If you have old, stodgy items that will clash with your new kitchen, discard/donate them.

2. Pack Away the Good Stuff

Once you've discarded or donated your superfluous items, be sure pack away your essentials in clearly labeled boxes or containers.

Before you pack, though, make sure you clean and/or polish your silverware as well as your pots and pans.

And just remember: the effort you take to organize your items now will be repaid doubly when unpacking!

3. But Wait--Don't Pack Everything!

Unless you're eating all of your meals away from home, you'll undoubtedly need a few essentials for the duration of your project. Consider keeping any of the following items:
  • Silverware--at least enough for place settings for each family member
  • Paper or plastic plates, cups, and bowls
  • Sturdy mugs for tea or coffee
  • A coffee maker 
  • A pairing knife and/or chef's knife 
  • A cutting board
  • Paper towels 
  • Dishtowels to wipe off your silverware or dishes 
  • A hot plate
4. Select a "Temporary Kitchen"

It might seem self-evident, but many homeowners neglect to set aside a space for a temporary kitchen. Your temporary kitchen can house a folding table, mini-refrigerator, and even your microwave. The convenience of such a space far outweighs the potential hassles of occupying a new room--you might even have a room, like your living room, that you do not currently use too often. Take advantage of your space!

5. Buy Some Food

Make sure you stock up on non-perishables and food that is easy to prepare. If you have access to a hot plate and a mini-refrigerator, you can essentially replicate a full-kitchen meal--with effort. We advise against this. Keep it simple, and leave the serious cooking to the restaurants.

That said, you don't need to abandon a healthy diet for your kitchen remodeling project. Fruits are nature's easiest convenience food. And salad greens are often packed conveniently for immediate consumption.

    Worth the wait: This busy family needed to maximize storage and comfort, and MKBD produced a kitchen for the ages!
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