Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What Does "Custom" Kitchen Remodeling Mean?

Are you researching your kitchen remodeling project online? If so, you've likely come across certain remodeling companies claiming "custom" quality work. In the context of home remodeling, the word "custom" conjures certain connotations: unique, hand-crafted, built from scratch. Unfortunately, for many remodeling companies, the word is meaningless.

Like the word "natural" in the food industry,"custom" has no defined meaning in the remodeling industry. Companies simply use these terms to project a certain image--yet the "image" is often not reality.

For many companies, custom simply means "to your taste." your kitchen design is based on a mere template, replicated from prior projects. Likewise, most remodeling companies build "custom" kitchens with prefabricated materials.

"To your taste" is anything but unique. Those beautiful kitchen cabinets? They're likely a dime a dozen.

Worse, as we note on our website, "the supposed advantage of standardized materials - low cost - is actually a disadvantage: low cost usually equals low quality."

In light of the misuse of the word "custom," MKBD suggests asking any prospective remodeling company a simple question: "What does 'custom' mean to you?"

The answer should be revealing.

At MKBD "custom" means designs and fixtures created from scratch, explicitly for you. Depending on your budget, you may choose certain "custom" fixtures and some standardized fixtures. When you work with MKBD, though, your design will always be unique, and each fixture will be installed by expert craftsman.

For a preview of our "custom" approach, please take a look at our gallery below.

Custom white cabinets

Custom Cabinets

In the world of kitchen cabinetry "custom" means built to specific dimensions. Since each kitchen is different, custom cabinets can be made to meet the unique size demands of your space. We build cabinets to fit any number of nooks and crannies--and, really, any space requirements. In the project above, the cabinets were built extra deep--13 inches--to accommodate our client's storage needs.

Custom Shaker cabinets with wine rack

Custom cabinets can also refer to any stylistic detailing, like dovetail drawers or knife hinges, or unique additions like the custom wine rack in the project above.

In addition to custom cabinets, you are likely to find "semi-custom" cabinets which refer to a standardized selection of prefabricated cabinets, and "stock" cabinets for a one-size fits all, budget fixture. At MKBD, we build custom cabinets exclusively.

Custom Flooring

A custom floor means you choose the exact flooring material as well as the stain. The key here is in the handiwork: a custom wood floor is cut and installed by hand with special attentiveness to any details you might desire.

In this Glenside project, the customer preferred a durable Brazilian redwood floor. 

A custom floor means that you take advantage of every square inch of floor space. Each board is cut to size to fit your needs, a boon for homeowners with odd kitchen layouts. 

Custom also means that you can choose the exact right fit for your family's needs: some wood floors offer more support; some offer better sound-proofing. When you go custom, you design the floor to your exact requirements. 

Finally, for some projects a "custom" floor means restoration-getting back to the original flooring, which often requires a fair amount of handiwork.

 In this Fort Washington MKBD project, we refinished the original hardwood floors. 

Custom Details

At MKBD, we pride ourselves on solving problems. Each new project presents a set of challenges--and we aim to answer each challenge with a custom solution. Small or large, a custom solution requires inventive thinking and cutting-edge design.

In this MKBD project, a growing family required more kitchen space. We fused the small kitchen with a dining room to create an open floor plan that could accommodate a busy family of five.

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