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Five Signs You Need to Remodel Your Kitchen

Some homeowners make a decision to remodel or renovate after years of deliberation. For others, the decision is relatively spontaneous. In both cases, a certain event usually inspires the final decision: a windfall of money; a change in lifestyle; or, perhaps, a structural issue that needs immediate attention.

At MKBD, we're happy to educate our clients about all aspects of the remodeling process. (This blog is a perfect example). However, we do appreciate deliberative clients. Whatever the instigating "event," deliberative homeowners often enjoy an easier remodel. In remodeling, of course, studious planning translates to success. 

While "deliberating" is not the same as "planning," homeowners who have thought about remodeling for some time usually come to the design table equipped with knowledge and studious opinions. 

On other hand, some clients come to the design table with problems that need immediate attention. Often, these clients have ignored the slow deterioration of their kitchen--and then, suddenly, the deterioration hits a peak! 

To avoid this unhappy circumstance, we suggest looking out for possible signs that you will want or need a remodeling project soon. 

Five Signs You Need to Remodel 

Old Appliances

Old appliances offer a clue to the general condition of the kitchen. If the appliances are old, the floors, cabinets, and countertops are likely old, too. As a cue, then, old appliances are simply one easy-to-discern sign of an outdated kitchen. 

But outdated appliances don't merely look old; they act old. Do you have an old, noisy refrigerator? Well, noise is the least of your problems. An aging refrigerator wastes excessive energy while providing lackluster service.

The same is true of most outdated appliances, including your oven, dishwasher, and microwave. New, energy-efficient (Energy Star) models can provide substantial savings in energy while offering a new, refreshing level of functionality (no more spoiled veggies).

Ahh, new appliances. In this MKBD project, the new refrigerator and Bosch double oven provided a new level of functionality--and pleasure.

Improperly Grounded Outlets

In older kitchens, improperly grounded outlets pose a safety (and efficiency) concern. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not able to easily discern this potential problem.

To test your outlet, purchase a circuit tester or a multimeter set to an AC voltage appropriate for your outlet. You want to make sure, too, that all wall outlets are equipped with GFCI outlet protection. To ensure safety, you need one GFCI outlet as the first outlet of a branch--the outlet closest to the breaker.

At MKBD, we can easily address any electrical safety concerns. Give us a call: 215-355-4747.

Like old appliances, improperly grounded outlets are clues to the general condition of the kitchen: if they're old, the kitchen is likely old.

Old Floors

Your kitchen floor is the literal and figurative foundation of your kitchen. Cracked tiles or warped floor board will effect not only the function of your kitchen but the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Like improperly grounded outlets, old floors can present safety concerns, like slips and falls. On the other hand, old floors also pose aesthetic concerns; in a word, their ugly.

A new kitchen floor can be one a beautiful and enduring investments. For the kitchen area, especially, new floors provide a new "foundation" to build upon.

In this Bucks County-area project, hardwood floors replaced old cracked tiles--the result is a safe, beautiful, and durable new floor. 

Old Style

While not necessarily a functional concern, old style can compromise your well-being. A frumpy, old kitchen with outdated cabinets and old, dull paint does not necessarily send an enticing welcome. Does our kitchen bore you? Do your elements feel frumpy?

In recent years, manufacturers have developed new, intriguing materials for your countertops. Over time, tastes in paint color change. Old floors might speak of a different era. All of these style problems can be addressed by a remodeling project.

When you update your style, you inject new life into a space.

Old Design

Today's kitchen often function as the center of family activity, a place to meet and eat. Current designs promote this function, opening the space, and often combining dining and cooking areas.

An older design might feel cramped in comparison. If you find yourself avoiding your kitchen, you're probably not simply avoiding of cooking and cleaning--you're avoiding the claustrophobia of your outdated design.

 In this Bucks County MKBD project--the open floor plan created a dynamic space to cook and eat.

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