Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Travertine Bathroom Remodeling Project

In bathroom remodeling, your choice of material should be guided by two factors: the material's visual appeal and durability. Of course, a good bathroom material should match your aesthetic vision, yet it should also withstand the elements--water, soap, and harsh cosmetics--and the daily wear and tear of the family. Porous materials, like soft wood, are not the best choice for a bathroom; ditto an easy-to-stain material, like marble.

Yes, despite its ubiquity, some believe marble is not the best bathroom material. Even so, many homeowners see marble as the best of all bathroom materials--and certainly the most beautiful. This is true. It is also true, marble can be porous. The key is to find a good, durable marble from a reputable supplier. At MKBD, we import most of our marble from Italy.

Another option that rivals marble's beauty, yet is also often cited as a "bad" bathroom material is travertine.  We love this simple, yet elegant stone. As with marble, however, quality matters. Travertine does not have to be porous. Depending on the quality of the finish and installation, travertine can be a perfectly suitable bathroom material.

We recently had the privilege of remodeling a bathroom with travertine floors, showers tiles, and countertops. If anything, this rustic project proves the point: travertine can be beautiful and durable.

Travertine tiles and countertops

Choose the Right Travertine Finish

The right finish protects travertine from the bathroom elements.When sourcing travertine, your best options will be hone-finished or tumble-finished.

Hone-finished creates a flat appearance that dulls the qualities of the stone. For homeowners who prefer uniformity of color, hone-finished travertine is the best option.

For this project, however, the homeowner chose a tumble-finished travertine.

The rustic look of tumble-finished travertine

As you can see in the photo above, tumble-finish enhances travertine's natural colors. This is why tumble-finished travertine is often said to have a rustic appearance--a perfect look for this former farm house.

Choose Experts to Install Travertine  

More than most materials, then, the installation of travertine should be performed by a remodeling expert. Travertine's rough edges can present some installation challenges--especially in the shower. The key is precision. When installing travertine in the shower, it is important, too that the tile is properly sealed.

Travertine tile for the shower walls and floors

In this project, we used travertine tiles of various sizes (yet similar colors) to create textural variation. All tiles were properly sealed and installed with the utmost care. Good news, too: properly sealed and installed travertine is an easy-to-clean shower material; better yet, the material rarely reveals soap spots.

Travertine Countertops

Travertine is a versatile material. In this project, we used tiles for the floors and shower as well as larger slabs for the vanity countertops.

Travertine countertops and brushed nickel faucets

Another view of the luxurious vanity with travertine countertops

Free In-Home Remodeling Estimate

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