Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kitchen Lookbook: Two-Tone Designs

One the challenges of a kitchen remodeling project is perfecting the palette. The right colors will unify the kitchen elements, creating a warm and inviting theme. The wrong colors, however, can feel jarring, making each kitchen element appear out of place.

To simplify the challenge, many homeowners prefer a single-color theme with subtle or striking accents. Some homeowners, however, prefer a two-tone theme, with subtle or bold combinations.

To achieve a balanced two-tone look, you might paint your cabinets a light shade, like bright white, and ground the palette with darker countertops and floors.

Or, if you paint your cabinets a light creme, you might add a darker backsplash to cut the monotony. 

Looking for two-tone inspiration? Recently, MKBD had the privilege of creating two-tone kitchens for three happy homeowners.

Take a look at our Two-Two Kitchen Lookbook below.

A Tasteful & Practical Design

In our first project, the homeowners preferred a tasteful and practical design that would suit the family's personality.

A tasteful and practical design from MKBD with a little nook for eating.

Like many MKBD projects, this space experienced a total transformation. To make room for double ovens, pantry closets, and extra cabinets and counter tops, we moved the fridge from the window wall to a more convenient spot across the kitchen.

The refrigerator and stove are paired together for easy cooking access.

To perfect the two-tone look the kitchen required a central piece, which turned out to be the kitchen island. Painted a deep cherry red with an exotic stone countertop, the island provided a bold contrast to the white cabinets finished with an espresso glaze and the gold wood floors.

A Two-Tone Shaker Kitchen

Officially known as The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, the Shakers are known for the ecstatic nature of their services. Still, the church is where the ecstasy begins and ends. Simplicity defines the Shaker lifestyle and the sect's famous furniture and architecture.

A two-tone kitchen with Shaker-inspired cabinetry

For this MKBD project, our clients desired a simplicity of Shaker craftsmanship and the elegance of modern design. Happily, the Shaker-inspired cabinetry is a good match for any style or fashion--this is, after all, the utility of simple and timeless design.

Maple cabinets finished white with white beveled ceramic backsplash

In this project, a shift of tone is seen the subtle granite in "Bianco Antico"--a greyish white melange--but, like the project above, the real distinction is the darker kitchen island cabinets.

Cherry Shaker cabinets finished in a cherry stain provide a bold contrast to the white Shaker cabinets and white backsplash.

Both of the MKBD projects above adhere to the same principle: the kitchen island, the centerpiece of the kitchen, provides the bold second tone to offset the neutral cabinetry and countertops.

A Traditional Two-Tone Kitchen

In this traditional kitchen, the floor is a bit darker shade of walnut, a nice contrast to the maple cabinetry finished in white and the island cabinetry finished in cherry.

A quartz kitchen island countertop provides yet another distinction; note the cooktop with range hood, a unique design in a traditional space

This project required a lot of planning. By removing the wall between the dining room and kitchen, we created an "open floor" plan. In such a large space, the two-tone effect makes each distinctive space come alive.

A perfect two-tone effect


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