Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kid-Friendly Bathroom Design

Last week, in our article about kid-friendly kitchen-design, we noted that many parents often neglect the kid's needs when designing a new kitchen. Fortunately, this is not usually the case with the bathroom. When it comes to the bathroom, in fact, a parent's sanity very well might depend on a kid-friendly design!

Indeed, from morning ablutions to the evening's bath time, no single room sees so much action in so little time as the bathroom. More than even the kitchen, then, a kid-friendly bathroom design must emphasize efficiency. Yet just like the kitchen, an emphasis on efficiency does not have to equal a deficiency of style.

At MKBD, we pride ourselves on our ability to design functional kid-friendly bathrooms that  also appeal to a parent's sense of aesthetic beauty.

Just take a look at the beautiful bathrooms below--you'd never know that they're meant to host grubby little ones!

And make sure you note our favorite kid-friendly bathroom design tips.

A few simple tweaks in your design just might mean insure your sanity.

A double sink is more than mere luxury--for a busy family, a double sink can mean some significant time savings.  

Divide and Conquer

If you have multiple kids, this is the most important tip we can offer: divide the bathroom into kid-friendly zones. This division need not be complicated. Just try to envision how your children will use the bathroom, and how you might enable them to use it more efficiently by dividing the space. (If possible, too, try to envision more space: see below).

Think about traffic flow. Think about one kid on the toilet, another in the bath. Design a space that will facilitate precisely how your family will use the bathroom.

If you're children are a bit older, for example, a double sink will help facilitate an easy morning routine. Just imagine: two kids brushing their teeth at the same time, each with his/her own sink.

If you're children are younger, on the other hand, perhaps you will want to reserve more space for a bath that can easily accommodate both children at the same time.

A large yet shallow bath is perfect for children.

Install a Family-Friendly Tub

A quality tub can be a luxury for the whole family--just take a look at the tub above. But for families with children a tub is a necessity. In the MKBD project above, the family had enough space to build a step for easy access to built-in tub. For family purposes, though, a traditional claw-foot tub can work just as well.

A clawfoot tub can satisfy a basic need for the children while adding a splash of retro style to a bathroom design.

A "kid-friendly" tub is a bit of a misnomer, actually. Most tubs will fit the bill. Just make sure you provide easy access for the parents--and a space to store the necessities (like bubble bath).

Storage is Crucial

Any parent knows, with kids comes stuff--and more stuff, and more stuff. For families, we always suggest a vanity with plenty of storage--and ideally a double sink!

A vanity with plenty of storage and multiple drawers can be a life-saver for a busy family. To facilitate your morning and evening routine, reserve a special drawer for each child!

Steal Space from Another Room

What most families need, really, is more room. If possible, you might want to try to steal space from an adjacent room for your family bathroom. Talk to your contractor or home remodeling company about the possibilities. You might not be able to envision a change like this, but the pros can guide you through a workable design.

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