Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Before the Work Begins: Three Important Questions for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

At MKBD, we've learned from experience that a bathroom remodeling project demands more than a mere financial investment. A bathroom remodel also requires an investment of time, thought, and emotion.

Most homeowners anticipate investments of money, time, and thought. It's the emotional investment that stymies even the most steadfast homeowners.

What do we mean by emotional investment?

Well, to begin, the expense of a bathroom remodeling project is, in itself, an emotional challenge. According to Remodeling, the 2015 "Cost vs. Value" report for nationwide home improvements reveals an average cost of $16,724 for a midrange bathroom remodel and $39,578 for a midrange bathroom addition. An upscale bathroom remodel will cost much more: $54,115. And an upscale bathroom addition? We're talking $76,429!

For most homeowners, the cost of a bathroom remodel will fall somewhere between $16,724 and $54,115. The expense is often commensurate with the size and value of the house.

So how do you feel about spending this much money?

For most homeowners the expense of remodeling arrives with a host of emotional pitfalls: doubt, worry, fear. Of course, the elation of a well-done project eventually appeases all negative emotions. It's the space between that often gets to homeowners.

This is the true emotional challenge of a bathroom remodeling project: dealing with the project itself. This is why we suggest creating a reasonable family plan that includes an outline for how you and your family will cope with the hassle of the remodel and the temporary loss of a bathroom.

New floors, new vanity, new shower! The best bathroom remodeling project takes time!

Three Important Questions

The process of designing your bathroom with your contractor or remodeling company should create an easy-going relationship. Yet sometimes there can be a disconnect once the actual work begins. That's why it's very important to clarify the details of the project itself.
Ask your contractor or remodeling company the following questions.

1. What is the anticipated completion date?

Remember, the anticipated completion date is always an estimate. Often, the project itself will create unforeseen delays. Look at the date with some leeway. You want to give your workers the time--and space--to perform their best possible work.

Most importantly, don't worry, day-to-day about that progress of the project. On one day, the changes might not always be apparent. On the next, you might see a new bathtub! Just remember, there's a lot of behind-the-scenes work that must be completed before the bathtub in installed! If you trust the process, you will feel better about the project.

If you're fretting about the progress, try to envision the not-too-distant future, when the work is done. Soon enough, you will be luxuriating in a new tub. Be excited!

2. What hours/days will the workers be at the house?

In our opinion, the worker's hours should be stated clearly from the start. You need to know when your bathroom (and potentially house) will be off-limits. Any reputable remodeling company will be happy to state the hours-and stick to them.

Incidentally, it's good to meet your workers. Your family will feel much better about the hassles of the work, if you meet your workers! If possible, plan these meetings before the project begins.

3. Will you have access to your bathroom? When?

You might not have access to your bathroom for a period of time. If you have multiple bathroom, this should not be a big deal. Larger families will inevitably experience increased bathroom traffic, but this is part of the equation. So plan appropriately.

Remember: when the work is done, you'll have a new bathroom to enjoy for years to come!

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