Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Wow-Factor: A Kitchen Remodeling Lookbook

Last week, in our first post of 2015, "A Kitchen Renewal Guide for the New Year," we asked, "What changes would you like to see?" You might want to exercise or eat more kale--but obviously these aren't the type of changes we're talking about!

What changes would you like to see in your kitchen? If you're thinking about a kitchen remodeling project, now is the time to begin exploring your options.

Many homeowners begin, simply, by looking for inspiration. You'll find plenty of gorgeous pictures (and practical advice) on sites like Pinterest, Houzz, or HGTV. Others begin by looking at kitchen showrooms. Some look at appliances.

Whatever your style, it's important to remember: a remodeling project is a major undertaking! Do not worry if you find yourself in the exploration stage for months. Some homeowners come to MKBD only after a year or more of exploration.

To facilitate your exploration, MKBD posts occasional "Kitchen Lookbooks" with photos and details from our prior projects. In November, we focused on wooden floors and cabinets. Today, with a nod to BIG changes, we're talking WOW factor--those kitchen upgrades that turn heads, that astonish, that illicit a genuine, "Wow!"

Wow! A fireplace in the kitchen? Why not?

The Single Luxurious Element

A kitchen upgrade is pointless unless it makes your life easier. At MKBD, we understand this simple fact: before luxury, a kitchen must be practical and functional. "Utility first" is the mantra of all good home remodeling companies.

But a kitchen does not have to be merely utilitarian. The addition of a single luxurious element (like the fireplace above) can transform your kitchen, elevating the feeling of the space from practical to magical.

And yet, we must say: a luxurious upgrade can be every bit as practical as, say, new cabinets. The fireplace in this MKBD project projects a warmth and vitality that invites relaxation--and we all need a little extra relaxation. In the winter, too, the fireplace provides a good source of warmth. Finally, a unique luxury upgrade can increase your home’s value. The wow-factor  can certainly entice potential buyers.

In this MKBD project the luxurious fireplace is seamlessly integrated into an otherwise elegant kitchen. This is important: you want to make sure your luxurious element complements your kitchen design.

Luxurious Cabinetry

At MKBD, we're big on cabinetry. In fact, we believe all of our custom cabinetry deserves a "wow!" In the Shaker-inspired MKBD project below, however, custom cabinetry is employed in a unique way. This simple yet elegant custom pantry presents two solid doors of sturdy cherry cabinetry that open to a practical walk-in pantry.

An MKBD custom-built pantry
The wow-factor here is the inventive cabinetry design that is seamlessly integrated across the kitchen to create a thematic feeling--in this case, a Shaker feeling. Following the spirit of the Shakers, the "wow" is subdued and elegant.

The timeless simplicity of the Shakers blended with a modern sensibility creates a space with natural materials, clean simple, lines, and a warm brown palette.

A Luxury Cook-Top

A luxury range is the quintessential combination of luxury meets utility. At MKBD, we advocate a wide variety of cook-tops with varying prices, but truly, the ranges that perform the best just happen to be those that look the best.

In this MKBD project, this workhorse Wolf range, replete with five burners, is the centerpiece of an otherwise elegant kitchen design

A luxury cook-top is a nod to the chef. In this MKBD project, the Wolf range provides a spot of "wow" in a sea of cherry cabinetry.

FREE In-Home Remodeling Estimate

Many homeowners choose to call a remodeling company at the very beginning of the exploration process. We believe this is the best option--and not simply because we are a remodeling company!

A remodeling company can guide you in your exploration, saving you time. A home remodeling company can also help you set reasonable parameters for your project. How long might the project take to complete? What are the best materials for your lifestyle? And how about the cost?

At MKBD, we offer a FREE In-Home Remodeling Estimate

If you have any questions about your next kitchen remodeling project, please feel free to call MKBD for an individualized consultation. Let's talk budget and more! Call now! 215-355-4747.

Better yet, check out our Free In-Home Remodeling Estimate on this very blog!

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