Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Bathroom Remodeling Lookbook

For many homeowners, planning a bathroom remodeling project is all about the big-ticket items: the porcelain bath, tile floors, or dual vanity. In the end, though, it's often the simplest element that defines a homeowners experience of his/her new space: color.

Whether you choose an airy azure blue or a a vintage yellow ocher, the color of your bathroom will have a tremendous influence on your daily mood. By choosing colors that complement your unique lifestyle, you can create a space that inspires a spa-like relaxation or an exhilarating excitement.

Of course, your bathroom's palette will be largely defined by your choice of paint or tiles, but your fixtures will complete the look, so you want to think like a painter. Mixing and matching colors and patterns to achieve a desired feeling is the best way to ensure that you truly love your bathroom.

But how do you choose the right color palette for your lifestyle? If you're looking for inspiration, simply browse our Bathroom Remodeling Lookbook below. For a more information about bathroom paint, read "Three Essential Tips for Your Next Bathroom Paint Job."

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Earth Tones

 In this masculine yet elegant bathroom design, MKBD used porcelain tiles to imitate slate. A black vanity cabinet with a black granite vanity top complements the earthy tile. The matching white toilet and white porcelain sink create a sharp contrast to the black granite. Finally, the polished chrome faucet and shower fixtures add a contemporary flair.

Earth tones are adaptive to a variety of complementary colors. In this project, the homeowner opted to include stark contrasts for a masculine flair, yet many homeowners use earth tones as a base for a warm and sumptuous spa-like retreat.

In this MKBD project from Doylestown, earth tones are used to different effect. We especially like how the crème Bordeaux granite  countertop houses the white porcelain Kohler sinks with the brush nickel fixtures from Moen.

Marble Tiles

Marble tile has been a popular choice for bathrooms since Roman times--and for good reason! True marble elicits a feeling of elegance and calm hard to replicate in other colors or materials. The key is discovering the marble color that is best for you: white, grey, or black? 

In this MKBD project from Elkins Park, imported marble envelops the space from floor to ceiling! The white marble veined with black streaks creates a substantial elegance that the homeowner has chosen to offset with two sprightly blue dolphins (on the toilet seat). The large black tiles lining the floor truly ground the space in a feeling of permanence, while the black mosaic tiles on the shower floor provide an elegant visual contrast. The white pedestal sink, positioned next to the white elongated toilet for space purposes, adds a classic touch. 

French Country Green

We love the colors in this French Country project

For this project, the homeowner chose an antique green that speaks of subdued countryside mornings. For a true country look, seek antique colors and fixtures, like this porcelain vintage clawfoot tub, to add a charming rusticity. The checkered tiles create a unique dash of personality in an otherwise rustic space.

Beyond the green walls and vintage tub, the fixtures here speak more explicitly of a French sense of style. From the French mirror to the simple yet elegant vanity with the marble top, this bathroom inspires thoughts of our vacation in Brittany or Lower Normandy! And while we're speaking of France, how about an inspiring picture of our favorite Francophile, the Spanish-born painter, Pablo Picasso? 

Picasso in His Studio

[Source: The New Savagery]
When researching a palette for your next bathroom remodeling project, don't limit yourselves to pictures of bathrooms! Look to the world's great artists for inspiration--both in their work and in their studios. In this picture, Picasso's fiery personality is hinted at by his red outfit and cubist paintings, but note how the studio is grounded in the colors of Picasso's homeland: the humble burnt red of Spain.

Multi Colors

In this Phildelphia MKBD project, we transformed the old space by adding a shower with a bench, multi-colored tiles in natural stone, and river rock pebbles for the custom shower pan.

The color palette, here hints at the warmth and vivacity of a great Cézanne still life!

Cézanne can be a wonderful inspiration for color!

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